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The Shark Tank Kit - Concealer + Eye Tool + Pimple Patches by Stryx

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Fulfilled by our friends at Stryx

As featured on Shark Tank, our products are specifically designed for men’s skin. Confidence in a bottle is what you’re getting, on top of skincare health, the good kind of double-takes, and “your skin looks SO good!” compliments. Here’s a breakdown of what our products can do for you...

Concealer Tool: Our Concealer Tool comes in clutch when you have a breakout or blemish you want to cover up. With just a tap and dab, your skin will look healthy and clear in seconds. Most importantly, no one will notice. Our shades are highly adaptable and blend in flawlessly for any skin type or tone.

Energizing Eye Tool: Formulated to give your under-eyes the love they need after a long night or early morning, this unique serum is specifically made to brighten, nourish and invigorate the soft skin around your eyes. It's also anti-aging, reduces puffiness and fine lines, and is cruelty and fragrance free.

Pimple Patches™: Breakouts always come at the worst time. Our hydrocolloid Pimple Patches™ radically reduce the time it takes to heal zits, pimples, and blemishes by sucking out the dirt and bacteria under your skin. They’re sleep-proof / water-proof, and perfectly opaque, hiding your acne while being nearly invisible.