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The Cartoon and Script Curriculum for Teaching Social Behavior and Communication by AAPC Publishing

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Improve communication, increase flexibility, and decrease stress!

The Cartoon and Script Curriculum for Teaching Social Behavior and Communication Using Visual Strategies to Support Behavioral Programming for Individuals with ASD is designed to help children with ASD find friends, become better communicators, increase their flexibility, and live lives that are less stressful. The book is easy-to-use. Skills are presented in the form of cartoons, scripts and role play – all evidence-based practices – that address a wide range of developmental levels. This book breaks down complex behaviors into manageable steps and provides methods to help children and youth generalize skills across settings and people. The result: individuals on the spectrum become more effective in managing everyday life!


Vera Bernard-OpitzPh.D., Em., Associate Professor National University of Singapore, is a German clinical psychologist and psychological psychotherapist as well as an American board certified behavior analyst – doctorate (BCBA-D). She supervises ABA teams across the United States and Germany, conducts workshops and is the editor of the German practice series, entitled Autism Concrete. Bernard-Opitz’s book, Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Structured Teaching and Experience-Based Program is available in German, English and Korean. Together with Anne Häußler, she has written a photo book on visual supports that is also available in German and English.

Andra Bernard uses her skills as an illustrator to transform ideas into easily understood concepts. She majored in speech and hearing disorders in Germany and will extend her studies to work with children with special needs.


ISBN: 9781942197317