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Black Powder Coffee

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee | Light Roast by Black Powder Coffee

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Fulfilled by our friends at Black Powder Coffee

The flamingo, called Korongo in Swahili, stands out for its unique, bright pink coloring. It may not be pink, but like the flamingo, our Korongo blend immediately attracts attention with its pronounced sweetness, full body and prominent acidity. Vertical-integration and whole-harvest sourcing enable us to source Korongo’s 84+ SCA cup in significant volumes at an accessible price that supports roaster success and producer resilience.

Cupping Notes:  Clean cup with balanced acidity, sweetness, and body.  Notes of apple, orange, and green tea with a sweet floral finish. 

Origin:  Tanzania

Location:  Mbeya, Mbozi, Mbinga (Korongo)

Farm: Co-op farms

Type: Fully Washed

Varietal: Bourbon and Typica