Surprise & Delight Pack by The Happy Givers
Surprise & Delight Pack by The Happy Givers

Surprise & Delight Pack by The Happy Givers

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Fulfilled by our friends at The Happy Givers

Our Surprise & Delight Pack will be filled with over $100 dollars worth of products. Some are new colors we are testing, others are recently released sweaters from our local store, and some are sticker packs, ready to be shipped hats, old style mugs, masks, and more.

Yes, each bag will be different... but they will all surprise and delight!

The Summer Options has tank tops, unisex tees, women's slouchys and more. 

The Winter includes hoodies and sweaters and more.

Also, if you don't love what you get, you can either give it away to a friend, donate it to people in need, or send it back to us so we can exchange it for something else! If you love it, you can sign up as a monthly subscription (to be surprised and delighted every month) for as long as you want.

There are only 19 available this month.

So choose a gender, size, and discount - and get yours before we run out.

* The image is an example of one of the combos we recently sent and not an exact representation of what you will receive. But we promise to send a bunch of good quality goodies.

+ 100% of the profits support our children's home in Peru, our rebuilding projects in Puerto Rico, and our empowerment of migrants in Mexico. Check out the work of our non-profit The Happy NPO!

Our products are made in the USA and printed in Puerto Rico in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We use 100% biodegradable water-based inks that are toxin-free. We also employ from the local community, pay fair wages, provide training for their trades, and eat lunch together every day.

If you are looking for more details or information visit the FAQ section!

Wondering about sizing? Here is our SIZING GUIDE