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The DWD2 System, Inc.

Protect Mold & Bacteria Pump Spray 4 oz. by The DWD2 System, Inc.

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Fulfilled by our friends at The DWD2 System, Inc.

DWD2 Clean Air® Protect Mold & Bacteria Spray™ tackles bacteria and viruses on contact. Non-irritating, safe and effective, Protect Mold & Bacteria Spray™ contains no harsh chemicals but instead is formulated using powerful plant-based enzymes and extracts.

DWD2 Clean Air® Protect™ is so mild, it can even be used as a hand sanitizer. Unlike many hand sanitizers and cleaners, Protect Mold & Bacteria Spray™ contains no Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC). And while Protect™ is effective against bacteria, Protect™ is a naturally-derived formulation that is extremely safe and fragrance-free. It even leaves your hands feeling soft.

Protect Mold & Bacteria Spray™ is a great on-the-go antibacterial solution and is perfect for carrying in your purse, gym bag, and in your car, home or office. Protect Mold & Bacteria Spray™ is effective on doorknobs, steering wheels, desks, cellphones, keyboards, and countertops: Just about any place you find fingerprints!