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The DWD2 System, Inc.

Protect Automotive Mold Treatment - Protect Your environment by The DWD2 System, Inc.

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Fulfilled by our friends at The DWD2 System, Inc.

DWD2 Protect Automotive Mold Treatment: 

Use it in the air vents, your vehicle's fresh air intake, your cabin air filter, and as an entire release mold, bacteria, and odor eliminating fogger! Formulated to disinfect and protect, Protect Automotive is an all-natural mold treatment. Available as a 4oz. Spray or 4 oz. Full-release fogger, DWD2 Protect Automotive Mold Treatment, not only neutralizes odors from mold and bacteria. However, it keeps working long after application to inhibit future mold and bacteria issues. Our Protect automotive formula contains naturally occurring plant enzymes and potent, natural ingredients. That will produce excellent results! We've designed Clean Air Protect Automotive Mold Treatment to be safe for everyday use. It is entirely safe around children and pets since it is non-toxic. Unlike other chemical products, our Automotive mold treatment will keep you and your passengers safe and sound! Restore a healthy, odor-free environment to your interior cabin in a simple yet effective way. Clean Air Protect is proudly made in the USA and contains no synthetic ingredients or fragrances.



  • Available in 4 oz. full-release Fogger
  • Available in 4 oz. Spray
  • Enzyme bundle includes both Spray and Fogger