Practical Solutions for Stabilizing Students with Classic Autism to Be Ready to Learn by AAPC Publishing

Practical Solutions for Stabilizing Students with Classic Autism to Be Ready to Learn by AAPC Publishing

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Fulfilled by our friends at AAPC Publishing

For students with a classic presentation of autism who struggle with regulation.

A functional behavior assessment is usually the starting place for students with high-functioning autism who have behaviors that do not serve them well. However, an FBA conducted at this point with students with classic autism may yield variable results.

Practical Solutions for Stabilizing Students With Classic Autism to Be Ready to Learn Getting to Go! is unique because it places importance on first offering stabilization strategies that help students with classic autism have a better regulated body. This often enables students to increase their time in school, with most of them working up to full-day participation.

This simple-to-use book, Practical Solutions for Stabilizing Students with Classic Autism to Be Ready to Learn focuses on two major areas of stabilization found critical for students on the autism spectrum: sensory regulation and visual supports. With proper use of these strategies, the student with classic autism can get to GO! - that is they are regulated and supported. Foreword by Brenda Smith Myles, PhD.


Judy Endow, MSW, is an author and international speaker on a variety of autism-related topics, is part of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Statewide Autism Training Team and has been a board member of both the Autism Society of America, Wisconsin Chapter, and the Autism National Committee. maintains a private practice in Madison, Wisconsin, providing consultation for families, school districts and other agencies.

Judy received the Dr. Cathy Pratt Award for Professional of the Year. In addition, she is a resource specialist and clinician at Common Threads Family Resource Center in McFarland, Wisconsin.

Her first book, Making Lemonade, Hints for Autism's Helpers, shows how Judy has used the lemons of her autism to "make lemonade" in her own life. Another of Judy's books, Paper Words, Discovering and Living with My Autism won the International Book Award Finalist in Autobiographies/Memoirs.

Judy also received the Autism Society Media Excellence Award for her DVD, The Power of Words: How We Talk about People with Autism Spectrum Disorders Matters! In addition, she authored the 2010 and 2011 Hidden Curriculum Calendar for Older Adolescents and Adults; Outsmarting Explosive Behavior, A Visual System of Support and Intervention for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders; and The Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job: Navigating the Social Landscape of Employment. She brings a great depth of understanding and compassion to all the work she does.

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ISBN: 9781934575758