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Tiny Rituals

Opal Stacked Gold Ring by Tiny Rituals

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Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Moon magic is waiting with the Gold Opal Stacking Ring. Several bands come dressed in glimmering 14k gold with a vertical row of radiant Opal stones shining in the middle, weaving together all the tales of light, luminescence, and lyrical truth.

“With this ring, I release my fears and inhibitions so I can run wild with the wolves”



Kaleidoscopic color and a thousand wishes can be found inside the light-catching sparkle of the Opal stone. Alive in brightness and with a sparkling sense of Cupid mischief, the Opal stone knows how to play and is believed to inspire creativity, color, and chakra balance. Yet despite its lively nature, the shiny gem also has a serious side and can help to release tightly wound inhibitions and intensify positive emotions too.

The Opal stacking ring brings shades of love and loyalty, peace and surrender, and highly vibrating cosmic consciousness too. Swimming with spirituality, the Opal stone can help you tap into those inner visions and can encourage psychic connection too. The Opal loves all things to do with the mind. It sharpens memory and stimulates all those ideas you have tucked away beneath the surface. Opal also serves to be an awesome shield for negativity and with this delicate and dreamy row of Opal stones, you have a brilliant boost of power and protection to keep your aura in the clear.

The 14k gold plated touches aren’t without potency too. Gold is an incredibly healing metal that comes with shades of wisdom, truth, purity, and the ability to balance emotions too. With this ring upon your finger, you dance in the light of creative splendor, you take deep joy into your heart, and you align yourself with divine energy. The Opal stack is a surefire way of cracking into that wild and unbridled heart and running with the wolves. Release the fear and say yes to an abundance of self-worth with the spinning light of Opal.


  • Unique and genuine Opal gemstone
  • 14K gold plated + e-coated
  • Comes in Sizes 6 - 9
  • Comes with a description card