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New Adriana Silver Vanity Set with Three Paneled Folding Mirror

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Three part mirror  



The product weighs 18 pounds, or about 6 KG  



Medium density board frame  



Double draw dressing table  



The product weighs 78 pounds, about 35 KG



MDF, four solid wood legs  



Dressing stool  



The product weighs 33 pounds, or about 15 KG



Medium density board + environmental protection fire foam  





Three part mirror Double draw dressing table made of MDF + thick glass, high quality mirror, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, safe edge and chamfering.Set high-grade modern fashion in one, widely used in home, office.  



Main hardware fittings have crystal handle, smooth steel ball guide rail  



Double draw dressing table with leather chair, no matter office or home use will make you feel comfortable  



Its filling material adopts environmental protection imitation fire foam, plus high-grade PVC imitation leather.