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Men's Over The Calf Compression Stocking Socks (1 Pair) by DIABETIC SOCK CLUB

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Fulfilled by our friends at DIABETIC SOCK CLUB

  • Made In The USA!
  • Great for Tired, Aching Feet and Legs
  • Prevents Ankle and Foot Swelling
  • Prevents Calf Muscle Cramps
  • Helps relieve signs and symptoms associated with varicose and spider veins

Compression Strength (mmHG or Millimetre of mercury)

  • 8-15 mmHg is low compression
  • 15-20 mmHG is a medium compression strength
  • 20-30 mmHG is our highest level of compression

Give Comfort to Your Tired and Aching Feet and Legs with Over the Calf Compression Socks.  People with diabetes often experience tired and aching feet and legs, cramps in calf muscles, spider and varicose veins. All these conditions affect the quality of life and everyday routine functions. Over the calf compression socks for men are specially designed to give comfort to tired and aching feet and legs of not only diabetics but also other individuals.

Made in the USA from premium quality materials, these compression socks are ultra-soft and cozy with moisture-wicking properties.  Diabetic patients can develop blisters on their feet and a foul odor due to moisture, leading to severe foot-related problems. Regular use of over the calf compression socks helps in preventing blistering and minimizes bad odor.

Gradual Compression Design.  The secret behind the effectiveness of compression socks is its unique gradual compression design. When you wear the socks and place over your calf, it begins applying gradual compression on your lower limb. The pressure is more directed towards your ankles and feet, and as it moves upwards, the compression lessens. This mechanism promotes optimal blood supply to and from your lower limbs providing ultimate comfort and reducing joints or muscle pain and soreness..