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Seek Bamboo

Konjac Body Sponges by Seek Bamboo

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Konjac Sponge

100% Organic Konjac with Activated Charcoal
Deep Cleaning & Exfoliation
4-Pack is 6 months of Cleansing
Perfect For Daily Use & Travel

  Konjac Body Sponges bring the power of activated charcoal to the all-natural vegetable fiber konjac sponge. Activated Charcoal compliments this Konjac Body Sponge by improving the ability to draw impurities from the skin without the irritation that comes with other exfoliating sponges. Charcoal Konjac Body Sponges will also help control oily or acne-prone skin by balancing the skin's pH and remove excess oil from the skin. The end result? Softer and smoother skin. Try Konjac body sponges by Seek Bamboo today!