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Gary's Kit - Concealer + Anti Shine + Lip Balm + Eye Tool by Stryx

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Fulfilled by our friends at Stryx

Gary’s Kit has everything he needs to be camera-ready on ESPN: Energizing Eye Tool, Advanced Lip Balm, Anti-Shine Tool, and our Concealer Tool. These products, when used together, bring out the best in you and will have you game day ready.

In short, our Energizing Eye Tool brightens under eyes, our Advanced Lip Balm keeps your lips moisturized and helps keep them stay soft and smooth, our Anti-Shine Tool helps with sweat and oils to keep your skin looking great (especially on camera), and our Concealer Tool covers and blurs blemishes immediately. All this to say: you need this.

Energizing Eye Tool: "A must-have, whether you’re about to be on TV or after a late night. It just brings you back to life."

Advanced Lip Balm: "There are three things I don’t leave my home without: my keys, my phone and my lip balm. The last thing you want is to have chapped lips when you’re out in the world talking to people. "

Anti-Shine Tool: "It’s super clutch. I use it on hot days at sporting events to get rid of that “bowling ball” look. It cleans up your whole face instantly." 

Concealer Tool: "The Concealer Tool is the absolute X factor that should be in every man’s daily routine. Whether it’s helping you covering a blemish that might have just appeared, or it’s there to get you camera ready, it will be your best friend."

My kit includes the easy-to-use products that anyone can benefit from to make them ready to go. The four products I chose can truly help guys get on their way to feeling their best with that extra surge of confidence from Stryx.

— Gary Striewski