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Welter Atelier-EU/US

Flora by Welter Atelier-EU/US

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Fulfilled by our friends at Welter Atelier-EU/US

  • Size: 

    Small: 39x39 cm[15.3"x15.3" in]/48x39 cm[18.9"x15.3" in]/43x39 cm[16.9"x15.3" in]

    Medium: 49x49 cm[19.3"x19.3" in]/61x49 cm[24.0"x19.3" in]/54x49 cm[21.2"x19.3" in]

    Large: 69x69 cm[27.2"x27.2" in]/85x69 cm[33.5"x27.2" in]/76x69 cm[29.9"x27.2" in]

  • Material: Metal (2mm thickness)

  • Color: Matte Black Paint

  • Easy to Install: You can hang the product from the hanging bracket(s) on the backside with nail/nails.

  • The hanger bracket(s) comes out of the product package as assembled. No assembly is required.

  • The product stands 1 cm from the wall.

  • The product contains 3 pieces.