combo shower room

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Function: Independent warmth, bath space, so that the winter bath is not so cold, enhance privacy, dry and wet separation bath room let you more assured. 

Material: high quality stainless steel material, high safety, still bright and bright for long-term use, the surrounding sealing side design is firm and reliable, the use of 3C certification fully sealed toughened glass, and self-cleaning glass design (nano technology decontamination), fashionable and delicate handle, beautiful and generous grip feel comfortable. 

Tape: imported EVA material, soft texture, strong aging resistance, not easy to change color, easy to clean, comprehensive performance is far higher than the same industry level. It is resistant to ultraviolet light (not easy to change color), resistant to cold without cracking, strong flexibility and long service life. 

Pulley: the pulley adopts 440 stainless steel fully enclosed bearing structure, after 100000 times of continuity, anti-fatigue push-pull test, test results without any damage, thus can be calculated using the pulley service life can reach more than 10 years.