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Seek Bamboo

Bamboo Cup by Seek Bamboo

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Bamboo Cups

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cups
Non-Toxic & Non-BPA
Dishwasher Safe
Ideal for Parties, Events & Outdoor use

  Seek Bamboo offers a great set of four Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cups. More than 25 billion styrofoam & plastic cups are thrown away by Americans each year, sustainable alternatives have never been more important. We specifically designed our Bamboo Cups to be crafted with natural materials making them truly 100% biodegradable. 

  Reuse our Bamboo Cups over and over again. Yep, our Bamboo Cups are dishwasher safe for easy & fast cleaning! Leave Toxins and BPA Plastics behind with your loved ones. 

  Loving your Bamboo Cup, but looking for the perfect bamboo product to compliment your newly improved sustainable lifestyle? Check out our sustainable straw alternatives. We offer Bamboo straws, Stainless Steel straws, and Wheat straws. All of our bamboo products are plastic-free and reusable.