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Seek Bamboo

Bamboo Comb by Seek Bamboo

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Fulfilled by our friends at Seek Bamboo

Bamboo Beard Comb

100% Bamboo Comb
Designed for Hair, Beards & Mustaches
Pocket Size for Easy Traveling
Fine Teeth & Durable
Perfect Gift For All Beard Lovers
  Did you know Bamboo has fewer pores than other traditional woods? That means when you comb with our bamboo comb the natural oils will be better distributed throughout your beard. This added benefit makes a bamboo comb superior to traditional wood combs. Low maintenance, easy to clean, and it could very well be the last comb you ever need. Try a bamboo beard comb today!
  At Seek Bamboo with strategically engineered our Bmaboo Comb to Eco-Friendly with two levels of combing. Guaranteed to help keep your Beard or Mustache Shiny and Smooth. We made sure to craft our Bamboo Comb so it's pocket-size to be used and groomed on the move! Make sure to check out our Bamboo Brush for a complete set!