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Welter Atelier-EU/US

Avium by Welter Atelier-EU/US

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Fulfilled by our friends at Welter Atelier-EU/US

  • Size:
    32x16 cm[12.6"x6.3" in] (First Bird)
    38x20 cm[14.9"x7.9" in] (Second Bird)
    36x32 cm[14.2"x12.6" in] (Third Bird)
    30x18 cm[11.8"x7" in] (Fourth Bird)
    39x18 cm[15.3"x7" in] (Fifth Bird)
    34x32 cm[13.4"x12.6" in] (Sixth Bird)

  • Material: Metal (2mm thickness)

  • Color: Matte Black Paint

  • Adhesion strength to the wall may vary depending on the materials used for the wall (Stone wall, Plaster, Wallpaper etc.). The area to be bonded must be cleaned from dust. Just in case, we strongly recommend not to hang it in places that may pose a risk such as headboards, over the cradle.

  • You can mount the product easily thanks to the hanging strips behind. If you want to remove product, strips can leave from wall without damaging.

  • Product will be sent with strips in it's package.

  • You don’t need any nails or drilling the wall.

  • The product stands slightly away from the wall.