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Ancient Treasures

Ancient Egypt God Atum - Finisher of the World Amulet by Ancient Treasures

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Fulfilled by our friends at Ancient Treasures

Atum sometimes rendered as Atem or Tem, is an important deity in Egyptian mythology.

Atum's name is thought to be derived from the verb tm which means to complete or finish. Thus he has been interpreted as being the "complete one" and also the finisher of the world, which he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. As creator he was seen as the underlying substance of the world, the deities and all things being made of his flesh or alternatively being his ka.

In the Heliopolitan creation myth, Atum was considered to be the first God, having created himself, sitting on a mound (benben) (or identified with the mound itself), from the primordial waters (Nu). 

In the Old Kingdom, the Egyptians believed that Atum lifted the dead king's soul from his pyramid to the starry heavens. He was also a solar deity, associated with the primary sun god Ra. Atum was linked specifically with the evening sun, while Ra or the closely linked god Khepri were connected with the sun at morning and midday.

This amulet is 100% handmade and crafted in brass. A perfect accessory for your everyday wear.

  • Culture -Ancient Egypt
  • Material -Brass
  • Character / Symbol - Atum
  • Pendant
    • Size: -.5 inch * 0.95 inch/ 38 mm x 24 mm
  • Wallet insert card (See the last photo)
    • Size - 3.37 inch x 2.13 inch/ 85.6 mm x 53.98 mm
    • Similar Size of a Credit Card
  • Double side - One image on both side