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by Laura Woj

All-in-one Adult Diaper; Adult Nighttime Undies by by Laura Woj

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Fulfilled by our friends at by Laura Woj

How Absorbent Are Our Cloth Diapers For Adults?

Although these cloth diapers for adults hold more than a disposable diaper, they are not our only option.  You can see the absorbency per size in the first column, Adult Nighttime Undies. Protective Briefs are more absorbent, but the Adult Nighttime Undies (Pull-on Style adult cloth diapers for adults)  are SUPER comfy. Maybe try one of each? Most of our customers have both styles and fit them in their lifestyles where these item suits them best. 

Cloth Diapers For Adults Absorbency Chart

Medical Grade Adult Diapering defines DME (Durable Medical Equipment) as meeting the following criteria:

  • Durable (can withstand repeated use)
  • Used for a medical reason
  • Not usually useful to someone who isn't sick or injured
  • Used in your home
  • Generally has an expected lifetime of at least 3 years

Our fabric tests indicate expectant life use of our cloth diapers to be at least 3 years of continued daily use, however many of our customers find them lasting 6 years or more. Super Undies builds diapers to last, and are welcomed into the home by many full-time incontinent individuals as a direct replacement to disposable diapers.