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Atomic Defense

3A Ballistic Helmet with Bulletproof Visor for Helmets | Ballistic Riot Helmet Faceguard by Atomic Defense

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Fulfilled by our friends at Atomic Defense

Ballistic helmet and visor kit.  This package includes a choice of level 3A MICH or level 3A ATE Fast style helmet with a 3A bulletproof face-shield.

Welcome to our bulletproof your head kit.  Our visor offers a clear view and an included helmet.  All using the same standards and materials that we use for our military and police clients. What makes this the helmet you should choose?  We go above the old NIJ standard and stop up to 44 Magnum, instead of just 9mm.


  • Level IIIA/3A rated and tested helmet and visor.  Able to stop multiple 9mm, 44 magnum, 45 cal, 40 cal, 38, 22 LR, 12 gauge, and many more!
  • The visor will mount to any helmets with the standard rail system.
  • 4-way adjustable mounting to bring the shield closer to the face, further away, and up and down.
  • Locking mechanism allows the visor to stay in place at three different locking-points.  Straight ahead, halfway up, or straight up and centered over the head.
  • Adjusting pin on the right side allows for one side to be used for adjusting the visor down and up, away from the face or guarding the face.
  • NIJ IIIA+ capable armored helmets, lighter weight and safer than the old Kevlar tactical helmets.
  • Helmets use a rapid adjusting headband.
  • 4 point chin straps that are fully adjustable with a leather chin grip.
  • Fully adjustable memory padding that can be moved around, taken out, beaten, and still retain it's shape for years to come. Black padding can be swapped out or removed.  Tan padding must remain inside for safety.
  • Tactical rail system with 2 point bungee and vertical + horizontal rails.

Material: Poly-carbonate
Standard Capable of: NIJ IIIA (3A)
Visor Weight: 1.342 kg / 3 pounds
Visor Thickness: 22mm

Helmet Specs:

  • NIJ IIIA latest 0106.1 standard surpassed in testing. (Testing sheet QR code included with each helmet)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.8 pounds
  • Fits: See chart below (Head circumference measured starting above brow-line.


Size Head Standard
Inch cm US
S/M/L 21 - 23.5 54 - 59 7 1/4 - 7 5/8
L/XL/XXL 22.5 - 27 57 - 65

7 3/8 - 8