How Saint-Aubin Retail & Distribution is changing online retail.

How we're changing online retail at Saint-Aubin Retail & Distribution? Well first off at Saint-Aubin-Retail we only sale item's that are shipped within 3-4 days and delivered in 9-15 days .This is a dramatic difference than the normal drop shipping site, with times between 30-90 day from time of order to time of delivery. This is a serious improvement because cutting down on delivery time improves return time (with most drop shipping sites by the time you receive your item it's past the 30 day mark for returns leaving you stuck with an item you don't want and no way to return it) making it a safer for you to shop without worries . With delivery times of 9-15 days give or take a day or two depending on your local mail service, you will receive your item within 10-15 day's left to resolve any discrepancies you may have with your purchase. Most purchases are final 30 days after initial online purchase. This is just one of the ways Saint-Aubin-Retail & Distribution is changing online retail.